burnt orange - tipu full tight

burnt orange - tipu full tight

Iwi Creations are designs by Natura Aura. New Zealand fashion designers Leilani and Anastasia Rickard are inspired by Maori culture, science and nature. Please visit www.naturaaura.com for more information on stockists near you.

Iwi Creations Hosiery is:
– Made in New Zealand
– Designs knitted into quality fabric (the patterns will lengthen the leg)
– Maori designs unique to Iwi Creations Hosiery
– The hosiery ranges from size Average to Over Size
Gusset (for the fuller figure woman)

Tipu Design: Tipu suggests themes related to growth and development. Therefore the design genus of this particular rendition is suggestive of lush plant growth emanating from a central stem

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