black - koru footless tight
black - koru footless tight
black - koru footless tight

black - koru footless tight

Iwi Creations are designs by Natura Aura. New Zealand fashion designers Leilani and Anastasia Rickard are inspired by Maori culture, science and nature. 

Iwi Creations Hosiery is:
– Made in New Zealand
– Designs knitted into quality fabric (the patterns will lengthen the leg)
– Maori designs unique to Iwi Creations Hosiery
– The hosiery ranges from size Average to Over Size
Gusset (for the fuller figure woman)

Tipu Design: Tipu suggests themes related to growth and development. Therefore the design genus of this particular rendition is suggestive of lush plant growth emanating from a central stem

Size guide